Today’s challenges, like climate change and COVID-19, are complex and require public health professionals to lead large-scale changes that no one person or organization can solve alone. The Public Health Learning Network has developed the Learning Agenda Toolkit to help workforce specialists and other leaders develop a coordinated system of effective, efficient, and quality learning to address these challenges.

Welcome to the Washington Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence Webinar Series! Hosted by Janet Baseman, PhD, MPH, and Beth Melius, RN, MN, MPH, each session offers tools and perspectives based on the latest research and practices in foodborne outbreak investigations.

In this one-hour webinar, Latrissa Lee Neiworth, Ed.D., MA Ed., describes how using the 5 Basic Disciplines of the Learning Organization will help leaders strengthen their teams and programs to deal with ongoing change.

May 30, 2012. In this one-hour webinar, tuberculosis prevention and control staff cover diagnostics, treatment options, directly observed therapy guidelines, and a cost analysis of three drug regimens.

March 5, 2012. This one-hour webinar covers strategies to promote water recreation in diverse communities.